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APMP UK is the UK chapter of the ‘Association of Bid and Proposal Management Professionals’ which is the body that defines and supports best practice in the areas of bids, proposals and business acquisition.

As a group of like-minded professionals and companies, we promote and share proven techniques, tools and experiences with and amongst our membership.

We hold regular friendly networking events covering interesting and relevant subjects from how to engage with current procurement practice, to the art and science of pitching. Come and hear what we have to say.


Bid and proposal apprenticeship news

Winning work is an essential part of any business strategy.  With bidding and proposal management a critical component of the sales cycle, we are delighted to have our standard approved for a bid and proposal co-ordinator and even better that we are able to announce this during National Apprenticeship Week.  Developing the next generation of talent in our industry is vital to the future growth of the economy

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COO appointment at the Association of Proposal Management Professionals UK

The board of directors has appointed Amanda Nuttall as the new COO of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals in the UK. Amanda will serve as the COO for 2016 and will become the CEO of the organisation in 2017 when the current CEO’s mandate ends.

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Upcoming events:

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APMP UK Symposium - 14 June 2016 - York

Understanding Your Customer ... reduce the risk of doing business ...

This one day symposium will have keynote and top speakers sharing their bidding and proposal knowledge and practical experience. The day will focus on: Capture Planning - how to position your company in front of your customer and Bid Planning - how to use capture information to generate compelling bids.

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Exploring Engagement in Procurement at its Best - 27 June - Thomson Reuters - London


Sharing examples typical of both procurement and bidder roles, our expert presenter / facilitator, Gill How, will introduce research and contributions gathered especially for this session, which is being held at Thomson Reuters' fabulous Canary Wharf suite. APMP UK will be inviting representatives from the procurement side so that we can compare and contrast our two pairs of shoes in an interactive workshop-style role reversal session.

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Ethos, Pathos, Logos - Sarah Hinchliffe - 28th June - Leeds

Aristotle created his seminal work, On Rhetoric, over 2,300 years ago. It included his theory of the three persuasive appeals: ethos (credibility), pathos (emotion) and logos (logic). Today this work is still regarded as a bible for public speakers, but the three appeals can be applied to any form of communication – including proposals. This interactive session will consider each of the three appeals and how we can bring them to life on the page.

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APMP Foundation Workshop: 18th Oct

Be one of the first to pass the newly-updated version of APMP’s Foundation Level certification! Since APMP’s professional certification scheme was launched, it’s provided a platform for bid and proposal staff to understand best practice, build their skills, improve win rates and gain a recognised professional qualification. The new version of the qualification (launched in early 2016) incorporates the Association’s very latest research into contemporary bid and proposal processes and techniques.

APMP Practitioner “Quick Start” Workshop: 18th Oct

The APMP Practitioner ‘Quick Start’ Workshop is for members who are ready to start preparing their Proposal Practitioner Assessment Questionnaire (PPAQ), necessary to certify as a Practitioner.

APMP Practitioner “Completion” Workshop: 18th Oct

The APMP Practitioner Completion Tutorial Workshop includes access to the APMP Practitioner "Completion" Tutorial

Best Practice Techniques: Bid/Proposal Planning: 18th Oct

This workshop will cover all the key activities that a Bid/Proposal Manager should do before holding the Kick Off meeting. Participants will gain knowledge of the best practice steps, as well as how to tailor them for different sizes and complexities of Bid/Proposal documents. Topics covered will include identifying all the requirements, building a compliance matrix, developing a proposal outline and preparing a proposal template. Finally, the participants will learn about preparing themselves for the meeting.

Best Practice Techniques: Client Interface & Strategy Development: 18th Oct

Traditional proposal teams operate in reactive mode – engaging after an RFP has landed, in an often-fraught fight to submit a compliant document. Yet the most successful proposal teams in 2016 provide significantly enhanced support for the sales process – aligning themselves more closely to marketing and business development activities.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore the stages of evolution of contemporary proposal centres – as they draw forward in the capture process to embrace pre-proposal planning, proactive proposals and renewal proposals, as well as then steering the team through to the pitch and beyond.

Attending this session will boost your knowledge and equip you with the understanding needed to confidently respond to the Practitioner competencies “Client Interface Management” and “Winning Strategy Development”.

Best Practice Techniques: Content Planning: 18th Oct

This workshop will explain how to use content plans (storyboards) to ensure that the key messages for the Bid/Proposal document are captured. Participants will be shown techniques that will help them to guide the writers on how to use content plans, as well as how to ensure that the content plan messages make it into the Bid/Proposal document itself. Finally, the participants will learn how the content plans can be used to support the reviewing process.

Best Practice Techniques: Proposal Writing: 18th Oct

In this workshop, we look at the key ways in which proposal writers can achieve greater impact. Areas covered include:

  • creating a powerful structure
  • getting the tone right
  • being clear and concise
  • achieving customer focus
  • using visuals and headings effectively
  • treating the proposal holistically

We also look at ways to avoid the common grammatical errors that can undermine proposals.

APMP UK CONFERENCE 2016 - 19th-20th October - Reading

APMPUK Conference 2016

Two days of outstanding presentations and workshops, including inspiring keynote speaker sessions.

The definitive annual event for Bid Professionals

19th - 20th October near Reading, Berkshire

The 2016 Conference is one huge opportunity to make connections, share knowledge and learn from workshops that challenge you to look afresh at the way you work.

This year we are focusing on our wide-ranging audiences – how to identify opportunities, influence our customers and achieve true engagement that secures business where everyone wins.

Set in the superb purpose-built conference centre at Wokefield Park, Reading, with our Awards Dinner to be held in the historic Mansion House, attending in person gives you direct access to presenters and delegates and those informal but invaluable networks.

Be a part of it:
There’s no substitute for live, in-person learning.

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Presentation slides and member reviews from many of our past events are available here:

Past Events - Slides & Reviews  Past Events