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APMP UK is the UK chapter of the ‘Association of Bid and Proposal Management Professionals’ which is the body that defines and supports best practice in the areas of bids, proposals and business acquisition.

As a group of like-minded professionals and companies, we promote and share proven techniques, tools and experiences with and amongst our membership.

We hold regular friendly networking events covering interesting and relevant subjects from how to engage with current procurement practice, to the art and science of pitching. Come and hear what we have to say.


 APMP UK Annual Award Winners - November 2015

On October 21st, over 200 bid professionals attended the APMP UK Black Tie Award Dinner at the Park Inn Hotel,Heathrow, London to celebrate the achievements of fellow colleagues. An unprecedented number of award nominations had been submitted across the six award categories; Best Newcomer, Innovation, Bid Excellence, People Development, Writing and Knowledge Management.

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COO appointment at the Association of Proposal Management Professionals UK

The board of directors has appointed Amanda Nuttall as the new COO of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals in the UK. Amanda will serve as the COO for 2016 and will become the CEO of the organisation in 2017 when the current CEO’s mandate ends.

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Upcoming events:

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Think Differently - Embrace the Power of your Audience - 16th Feb - Leicester

Audiences hold the key to bid success or failure, yet – paradoxically - the time available for considering their needs and expectations can be extremely limited, with understanding based on little more than cursory assumptions. The truth is that bid teams can spend more time debating a document template design or choice of imagery in a pitch than they do gaining a full understanding of their audience!

The net result is a generic, unfocused bid document that does little to resonate with its intended audience and becomes a wasted effort for everyone (including the audience).

Using tools that include ‘Audience Heatmapping’ and concepts such as ‘The Presentation Landscape’ and ‘Blended Presenting’ Simon Morton will share insights into how to build documents and presentations which place the audience and its needs at their core.

These concepts, along with a series of real life working examples, will be examined through practical exercises, concluding with a Q&A session to ensure maximum value from this fast paced and engaging session.

Members and guests will find their current bid and pitch preparation practices challenged and will learn fresh techniques and tools they can take away and share with colleagues.

Our Speaker: Simon MortonSimon Morton’s insight into audience behaviour is drawn from over a decade’s experience of working with presenters to better engage audiences; he is recognised as an influential business leader and expert in the field of presentations.
An expert trainer, he has revealed his insights to corporate clients including Microsoft, Citrix, ISMM, RIBA and the IOD, presenting at events, over webinars and via podcasts both in the UK and internationally. Simon’s book The Presentation Lab has been translated into six languages.

Prior to founding Eyeful Presentations, Simon held a series of senior management positions within a fast-growing business in the FinTech sector, supporting bid teams and managing a range of communications, both sales and internal. It was here that he witnessed (and made!) mistakes, endured frustrations and learned lessons that would contribute to his distinctive approach to presentations.

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Machiavelli and others on rebidding - Nigel Thacker - 25th Feb - London

If you’re an incumbent, this session will give you a great deal to think about. Author of The Prince, Machiavelli’s writings reveal a deep understanding of the bidding profession.

Real examples of where it all went wrong for rebidding companies will be presented and discussed referencing relevant Machiavellian quotes, which effectively and powerfully hit the lesson home. 

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Bidding in the Real World - 25 February - Edinburgh

Imagine submitting bids with plenty of notice. Knowing what the client actually wants and telling them how you can improve and add value to their project.

Winning the bid on the quality of your ideas, not just on price. Having everything written bespoke to the project and client. Then think of the real world - this presentation will discuss how to overcome all the usual problems that bid teams encounter in practice to create a realistic bidding process that nonetheless meets APMP standards – on all bids, no matter how much notice you are given.

Our speaker, Lianne is a Proposal Manager at Capita, Local Government Highways & Property, following nine years in the construction industry.  She is APMP UK’s event co-ordinator for the North East and is currently working towards her Practitioner certification.

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Creating a bid team that's at its best every day - Kim Gregory - 1st March - Reading

5 practical approaches – whatever your role - to quickly enable your team to be solutions-focused, creative and successful

Bid teams (regardless of size) are often hastily pulled together with the choice of members governed by who has the mostappropriate expertise, industry knowledge… or is merely available.

If they don’t quickly become effective as a cohesive team, misunderstandings, conflicts or resistance can threaten the quality of your submission, resulting in disjointed messaging, pricing errors or lack of “finessing” time.

Our speaker, Kim Gregory, is an expert not only in leadership coaching, but in the promotion of self leadership. She will introduce you to hitherto little-known techniques for galvanising a team’s ability to come together, a bid team of which everyone – including you – wants to be a member.

Lots of practical, hands-on exercises and interactive dialogue make this a session that will stand you in good stead, whoever you find yourself working alongside. You’ll be able to use these ideas to diffuse potential situations, encourage group synergy and creativity and develop yourself as the one others want to inspire their teams.

Whatever your level of experience or seniority you will discover ways to rapidly unite scratch teams to make your bids justify all the effort that goes into producing them, Every Time.

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Ethos, Pathos, Logos - Sarah Hinchliffe - 8th March - Surrey

Aristotle created his seminal work, On Rhetoric, over 2,300 years ago. It included his theory of the three persuasive appeals: ethos (credibility), pathos (emotion) and logos (logic). Today this work is still regarded as a bible for public speakers, but the three appeals can be applied to any form of communication – including proposals. This interactive session will consider each of the three appeals and how we can bring them to life on the page.

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Using the Freedom of Information Act to help win public sector tenders - 10 March - Exeter

Why aren’t we using the Freedom of Information Act to help win public sector tenders?

Just imagine being able to look over your competitors' bid submissions and how they were evaluated and scored and how much you might learn from that! But there's more that can be of great use when doing your pre-tender research and, using plenty of anecdotes and examples, our speaker John Ashton guides us through this fascinating collection of information and shows us how it can completely alter our bid preparation, allowing us to raise our game, ahead of our competitors.

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