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APMP UK is the UK chapter of the ‘Association of Bid and Proposal Management Professionals’ which is the body that defines and supports best practice in the areas of bids, proposals and business acquisition.

As a group of like-minded professionals and companies, we promote and share proven techniques, tools and experiences with and amongst our membership.

We hold regular friendly networking events covering interesting and relevant subjects from how to engage with current procurement practice, to the art and science of pitching. Come and hear what we have to say.

UK Chapter Awarded

APMP UK are delighted to be recognised again for achievements in the last 12 months. Four APMP awards were presented to the UK chapter recently at the Annual Awards Dinner in Chicago and these were:

  • International Chapter of the Year
  • Best Events Programme
  • Best Global Membership Growth
  • Most New Corporate Organisations

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Upcoming events:

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Nigel Thacker - Rebidding - Tuesday, April 28 in Slough

Why aren’t you winning the rebid? (and what you can do about it)
Presented by Nigel Thacker
Tuesday 28th April 2015 | Slough

Knowing why your customer didn’t choose your company, as the incumbent, to continue providing what you believed was an unbeatable product or service is no compensation for losing the contract.

There must be something else going on – right? What opportunities are our competitors exploiting to wrestle the business away from us? And what actions can we take to protect our hard won contracts?

Most bids are future rebids, but that truth gets lost somehow in the excitement of the operational flurry that accompanies the initial win. Our speaker, Nigel Thacker, specialises in coaching companies through their rebids and has witnessed the fallout following failed bid autopsies. His company, Rebidding Solutions, carries out regular and serious research, analysing statistics behind unsuccessful rebids and challenges to decisions made by incumbent losers.

Come along and listen to Nigel at our presentation workshop, which will examine the steps you can take to give your rebid the highest chance of being successful. We strongly encourage you to persuade your operational John de Fortecolleagues to attend with you; they’ll improve their understanding of this complex arena and support you in retaining future business. The ideas you take away will help you improve your other submissions too.

Our presenter, Nigel Thacker is the managing director of Rebidding Solutions, Nigel has developed best practice processes in bidding, implementation, contract management and rebidding, training people in 13 countries on putting these processes into action. He has spoken on aspects of rebidding at APMP events in the UK and US.

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Executive Summary Masterclass - Thursday 30th April in Newcastle upon Tyne

Executive Summary Masterclass with Jon Williams PPF. APMP
Co-Author of 'The Proposal Guys' blog
Thursday 30th April 2015 8.30am - 10am in Newcastle upon Tyne

This popular session has been described by delegates at our regional meetings as "inspiring", "excellent", "enthusiastic" and as giving "plenty to take away and use later". Jon Williams is happily willing to run his presentation once again at Cundall's offices in Newcastle upon Tyne so that APMP UK's members in the North East, both new and longstanding - and their guests - can benefit.

Developing an Executive Summary can be an intense and emotionally-charged process, with lots of contributors arguing about themes, roles, structure, content and timescales.
Do you question what buyers really look for in that critical opening section of your proposal?

During this interactive session, Jon Williams will draw upon research with evaluators that tested their views on the Executive Summaries that they receive - as well as his extensive experience of producing them for must-win bids.
You will receive practical advice that will enable you to develop highly effective, high impact Executive Summaries quickly and painlessly. This insightful masterclass is guaranteed to be informative, entertaining and thought-provoking. Now it's your turn to benefit.

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Getting best practice into practice - Monday, 11th May in York

Getting best practice into practice: using storyboarding to innovate and collaborate
Presented by Mark taylor, Shipley Ltd
Monday11th May 2015     |    York

All too often, the call for a “best practice technique” such as storyboarding seems to evoke a similar reaction to that which public transport evokes: everyone is in favour of it, but few use it.

In this practical session, Mark Taylor will use proposal storyboarding as an example of how to:
  • Engage people who are not proposal specialists in what can be perceived as esoteric pastimes.
  • Demonstrate how bid management can be used to encourage innovation in solution development.
  • Illustrate how, as bid professionals, we can make our skills accessible and valued by those outside the discipline.
Mark TaylorParticipants will see and use a practical technique they can apply for themselves.

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Skills Analysis - Wednesday May 13th in West Lothian

Developing Deal Teams for Personal and Organisational Success
Presented by Kathryn Wyon, Head of Sales Advisory at Lloyds Banking Group
Wednesday 13th May 2015     |    West Lothian

Creating and Demonstrating Value – Developing expertise using skills analysis
To progress your bidding career, it is crucial to identify and adapt your skill set and knowledge to different environments. To be successful, bid professionals need to apply their skills in a new and effective way.  By drawing on experience, this intriguing workshop will help you to understand the key skills of a bid professional and identify the behaviours of a successful bid team. What are your key skills and are they transferable? How do you identify a skills gap? How does a bid professional add value? How do they demonstrate value?

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Developing Deal Teams for Personal and Organisational Success - Monday 20th May in London

Developing Deal Teams for Personal and Organisational Success
Presented by Kathryn Wyon, Head of Sales Advisory at Lloyds Banking Group
Wednesday 20th May 2015     |    City of London

Ever felt like you are fishing from a very small pool to get the people you need into your proposal team? Or with the shoe on the other foot...felt like there aren’t many opportunities “out there” in your field of work? Or that you reach glass ceilings too quickly?

Come along to this APMP evening seminar, which will give you an insight into developing deal teams for personal and organisational success. Hear from our speaker Kathryn Wyon CPP APMP about how Lloyds Bank has managed this challenge, creating ways of working together that have proved extremely successful. Take away some tactical hints and tips to help you develop your team - and develop yourself.

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Visual Techniques Workshop - Monday 15th June in London

Create a Powerful Bid Team Dynamic Through Visualisation
Presented by Margret Helsabeck, Harmonic
Monday 15th June 2015     |    London

Raise Your Game  - Get Your Ideas Across Using Visualisation Techniques
This interactive visuals workshop takes place in the apt setting of the amazing SCIN Gallery in London, which provides innovative materials for architects and technical designers to engage and invent with.
It is long accepted that visuals and visualisation are immensely powerful in conveying messages. In this workshop you will get a hands on opportunity to learn how, through various techniques, your bid team can gain the edge by having greater clarity in:
  • Understanding the role and responsibilty of all involved - frequently assumed to be understood yet in real terms it’s often not the case.
  • Learn how to use visuals in your proposals and the benefits of doing so
  • Working in groups: gain insight into the techniques and methods applied by your peers
  • Receive first hand feedback on practical work carried out in the workshop

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How is Technology Changing the Way Bid Teams Work? - Mon 29th June - Chippenham

How is Technology Changing the Way Bid Teams Work?
Presented by Alex King, Amplio Services
Monday 29th June 2015     |    Chippenham

Some bid teams are now spread around the world. They have everything they need to communicate and share documents across continents. Customers are increasingly specifying entirely electronic submissions. Proposal automation tools have matured and are widely used. The process is moving towards entirely paperless bidding (except for the faithful Post-It note!).
But is this the future of every bid team? Do some of these technologies solve one problem but introduce another? What is ‘the next big thing’ and what stops everyone from adopting it? These are questions Alex will explore during this event.

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